ZESTRON offers the world’s leading cleaning media, but more importantly focuses on being an architect for reliable cleaning processes within electronic and metal parts cleaning applications. It is ZESTRON’s goal to always provide a cleaning process in which the quality of the cleaning result is the same after 300,000 cycles as it was at the initial start-up, irrespective of quantity and performance requirements.

It is ZESTRON’s philosophy to market only cleaning products that are innovative and unprecedented in the industry, thereby ensuring that our customers always remain one step ahead. More than 20% of ZESTRON’s staff is dedicated to our extensive research and development programs. The work of our global teams of PhDs and chemical engineers has resulted in over 20 registered product patents.

During the development of new cleaning processes, one of the basic principles of ZESTRON is to observe current environmental protection and safety concerns and the cost efficiency of the cleaning process. The company is therefore ISO 9001 certified since 1995 and production takes place in accordance with the ISO 14000 guidelines, ensuring consistent high quality and environmentally friendly working processes.