Machine services

By delivering a technology device from us our contact with the customer does not end but it is just starting. The unique advantage of our company is above all the effort to provide comprehensive service at the highest possible level throughout the life of the machine.

Preventive planned service

How prevent defects and unnecessary repair costs?

Like a car, the machines require regular and responsible care. The purpose of this service is to maintain the device's continued serviceability and minimize the probability of failure. Regular service is the basis for long and reliable operation.

Regular inspections of the SMT device are performed at the customer's request and their contents fully correspond to the recommendations of the manufacturer of the device and the operating mode of the device. The service technician diagnoses the condition, identifies and locates the fault, and then evaluates whether to remove it immediately, or suggests a recommendation on how to correct the error.

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Warranty and post-warranty service

Do you have a problem with your SMT device?

For machines and equipment of all brands we sell, we provide warranty and post-warranty service. Service is provided by our service technicians who are trained directly at machine manufacturers. We have all critical spare parts, in the service store that are needed to speed up troubleshooting. Other parts can be delivered directly from the manufacturer within 24 hours. We are also able to solve a number of situations by telephone consulting and recruiting or servicing to quickly correct the problem.

We provide the service on the equipment we have supplied, as well as on the machines of our sales assortment that have been imported and installed by the users themselves as used or delimitated within the shipped products.

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General repairs and upgrade of machines

Do you have an older device? Are you interested in upgrade it? Do you want adapt it to new production?

Our company performs complete upgrade of SMT equipments. Some parts will be replaced by more modern, more efficient parts that make your production process more efficient.

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