Water-based, pH-neutral defluxing agent with excellent material compatibility

VIGON® N 600 is an innovative defluxing product with a revolutionary pH-neutral formulation. Its excellent cleaning performance and ability to remove a wide range of flux residues under pH-neutral conditions is unprecedented. Due to its neutral pH-value, the cleaning agent also demonstrates a high level of material compatibility with sensitive metals and polymers on PCBs.
  • Due to its neutral pH-value, VIGON® N 600 demonstrates an unprecedented level of material compatibility on sensitive materials such as aluminum, brass or nickel, plastics, labels and inks
  • Performs well at low application concentrations in specific processes
  • Good results underneath low standoff components
  • Increased wire bonding/molding quality for power modules, leadframe-based discrete components and Power LEDs
  • Due to the neutrality of the cleaning agent, the permission for sewage disposal is easier to obtain
ApplicationPCB defluxing; pH-neutral: for material-mix
ContaminationFlux residues
ProcessSpray-in-Air (Inline and Batch); Dip tank
TechnologyMPC Technology; Water-based
Michal Šaffer Sales Manager
+420 724 026 675

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