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In addition to service work we also offer services to improve the process of making PCBs. Our customers can also have PCBs tested using the Flying Probe Tester.

Measure the contamination of the soldering bath

Why measure the solder bath contamination?

For customers who buy solder for soldering machines, we provide periodic analyzes of the contamination of baths with trace elements within the raw material price. This analysis includes all significant elements acting as harmful ingredients together with recommendations for possible remediation of bath composition.

Regular analysis is important for maintaining the correct composition of the soldering bath. If the recommended limits are exceeded, depending on the type of admixture, for example, increase the formation of slag or deteriorate the quality of soldering (wetting) or reduce the strength of the joint itself. For lead-free baths, it is also necessary to monitor the amount of dissolved lead in the solder, which must not exceed the prescribed limit of 0.1%, as stated in Directive 2011/65 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council (RoHS).    

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Measurement of contamination of solder assemblies

Why measure the contamination of soldered assemblies?

We offer a measurement of contamination of PCBs mounted according to the IPC TM 650 methodology on the device CONTAMINOMETER CM11+.

Using this method, it is possible to determine which factors in the production process most affect the total value of the ionic contamination of the plate, which is expressed as the equivalent of NaCl in μg / cm2. The resulting value should not exceed the limit of 1.56 μg NaCl / cm2, which is given in J-STD-001 because too high values can cause leaks, dendrite growth and, in worse cases, corrosion.

In case of installation of the equipment we supply, this measurement is part of the process optimization and is included in the delivery price. In other cases, this is a paid service. 

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Produce masks for printing and soldering

Looking for a suitable stencil for printing PCB with solder pastes? Do you need to increase soldering efficiency?

Stencil manufacture for printing

We provide stencils for solder pastes and adhesives printing as part of our complex assembly process services. We are able to process Gerber, DXF, or to make stencils from a positive film. 

Manufacture of masks for soldering

To improve the quality and yield of soldering and soldering of irregularly-contoured assemblies, the solder mask is the preferred solution. We provide design and manufacture of such masks from composite materials and metallic materials nonwettable (austenitic special steel, titanium, molybdenum, tungsten). For demanding assemblies we provide these masks in fully antistatic design. 

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