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PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. was founded in 1992 as a subsidiary of the PB Technik AG Zollikon company in Switzerland. Progressive development has led to separate business and technical activities. It became a purely Czech company. With the purchase of a foreign share it became a purely Czech company in 2006. PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. ranks to the largest suppliers of SMT equipment and materials in Czech and Slovak Republics today.

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Our portfolio

The range includes everything needed from for laboratory and prototype assembly of electronic assemblies to complex lines for large-scale, fully automated production in SMT technology. We supply a wide range of soldering and cleaning materials at the same time.

Our services

In addition to equipment delivery, we provide service, technological process support, optimization of technological procedures, training of operators and technical staff.


there are selected equipment and materials from our range over the area of over 100 square meters. In the show room, you can try machines on imported samples. Our dealers will be happy to provide you with other machines at our partners. 

Was launched the dealership activity of a Swiss company PB‑Technik AG
Establishment of company PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o.
Representation of five foreign companies by three workers + development of first own equipments.
The development, construction and production of its own equipments was transfered into
a new company MEAS CZ s.r.o. display less
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The company was relocated to a new premises.
It became a purely Czech company by buying a foreign share.
Certified integrated quality and environmental management system according to standards
ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 display less
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There was a separation of PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. and MEAS CZ, s.r.o.,
both in property and in organizational terms. MEAS CZ, s.r.o. was also renamed PBT Works s.r.o. Both companies continue in cooperation, PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. remains a distributor of PBT Works s.r.o. for the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. display less
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The company moved into its own new premises, the address remained the same.
We represent over 30 companies and we have 40 employees. display less
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ISO Certificates

Since 2007 our company has been awarded the certificate of integrated quality and environmental management system according to standards EN ISO 9001 a EN ISO 14001.

top rating

Quality and credibility

Thanks to the acquisition of the Top Rating® certificate according to Dun & Bradstreet rating methodology, PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. ranks among the best rated companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in terms of risk, stability and safe trading. It increases its prestige not only on the Czech market, but also in the world.
DUNS 36-058-0948

Our customers

Our customers include major companies mainly from the fields of electrotechnics, automotive, engineering and others. We also deliver to laboratories of technical universities, medium and small innovative companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our customers are mostly long-term customers focusing on quality, stability, reliability of the equipment and, last but not least, service.

We represent the brands

We represent more than 30 foreign manufacturers of technological equipments mainly for SMT, whose products we supply including service in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

EU subsidy


Building up background for education at PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o.

PBT Rožnov pR, s.r.o. started the implementation of the project CZ.01.2.07/0.0/0.0/15_003/0002290 "Building up background for education at PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o.".
The aim of the submitted project is to build an infrastructure for the education and development of human resources at the new headquarters of PBT Rožnov pR, s.r.o., thereby improving the quality of the educational background. Two new rooms will be created in the applicant's building to serve as a training center. Thus it come into existence newly created background for the theoretical and practical training on SMT technology and mounting leaded components on printed circuit boards, including related processes, technology and testing.

EU financial support is provided for the operation.

Implementation of the grant project in terms of meeting all the requirements of the grant provider (The Ministry of Industry and Trade) provided by the company JVM – RPIC, spol. s r.o.