The cost-effective, reliable and safe solution for small to medium nitrogen requirements. Utilising PSA technology. MIDIGAS provides nitrogen gas of 95% to 99,999% equivalent nitrogen purity.

MIDIGAS nitrogen gas generators from Parker domnick hunter produce a totally on-demand nitrogen gas supply from a standard factory compressed air supply; a safe and reliable alternative to delivered gas options. The compact and lightweight modular design provides a consistent and easy to maintain solution for low to medium flow rate on-site gas requirements.

When maintained in-line with Parker domnick hunter’s recommendations, MIDIGAS will offer in excess of 10 years service life from the Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS), the material that is used to separate nitrogen from compressed air. 

The MIDIGAS range has been designed to meet multiple industry compliance including CU TR (EAC), CE, UL, CRN and has third party verified FDA Article 21 and European Food and Pharmaceutical approval. MIDIGAS is also exempt from annual PED pressure vessel inspection resulting in minimum disruption to production.

Cascading of the generators (multi-banking) is an also an option with MIDIGAS meaning that 100% standby is available with the addition of one extra bank, another benefit when considering production uptime. This option also provides ease of upgrade, as and when nitrogen requirements increase.

MIDIGAS is the ideal replacement to delivered nitrogen gas, eliminating the issues of administration, logistics and the potential risk of running out of gas associated with high pressure cylinders, liquid mini tanks or bulk storage vessels. 
The range of flow rates and purities that MIDIGAS achieves makes it the ideal solution in the following industries:
  • Soldering electronics
  • Atmosphere suppression for the prevention of fire and explosion
  • Food Packaging & Blanketing
  • Selective Laser Sintering (Additive Manufacturing)
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