Teplotní regulátor RA4500D

Teplotní regulátor RA4500D pro pájecí lázně ERSA

The RA 4500 D temperature regulator can be operated with various solder baths. The solder baths can be connected to the regulator through simple plug connectors. With its five operating programs, the RA 4500 D’s easy program selection allows the user to change quickly between different solder baths.
The station can also be used for simple temperature measurements (Pr5) by means of the temperature sensor (option). Its wide variety of features and great control precision (especially with Ersa solder baths) makes the RA 4500 D especially suitable for production processes with high quality requirements.
  • digital control unit keeps the temperature of the solder bath on a given set temperature
  • clearly visible 3 digit temperature display
  • easy soft button operation Bedienung durch Taster
  • different temperature sensors attachable
  • ESD safe antistatic design
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm124 × 152 × 92
Weight in kg1,4
Temperature range in °C50-600
Nominal voltage in V AC230
Power input (max.) in W3 000
Control deviation / max+/-0,02
Test symbolCE, VDE
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