Permacol® B.V. Industrial Adhesives already active since 1974 in most sectors of the industrial adhesives. Permacol offer a comprehensive program of adhesives for bonding metals, plastics, ceramic materials, glass and rubbers. To support this program, we give detailed advice on adhesive opportunities, problems, provide bonding instructions, and carry out tests in our application laboratory.

Permacol® B.V. RESEARCH, in the forefront of High-Tech adhesives. A long experience in industrial bonding, which covers such areas as curing systems, surface preparation, rheological behaviour and dispensing techniques, forms the basis of our successful high-tech adhesives. Several products are developed under our own management. In our laboratory, advanced measuring equipment is used to examine viscosity, curing time and tensile strength among other aspects. This far-reaching specialisation enables us in formulating new, high formulating adhesives.