IRHP 100 A

compact infrsared heating plate to connect to any i-CON soldering station with interface

The IRHP 100 A infrared heating plate offers bottom-side PCB preheating for hand soldering, desoldering and touchup applications. The safe and powerful medium wavelength IR heating technology offers a tremendous benefit to today’s workbench. Working temperatures of the soldering tools can be greatly reduced. Lower tip temperatures decrease the risk of PCB damage while at the same time greatly increasing tip lifetime. The heating plate is controlled by either the i-CON1 C or the i-CON2 C.
  • control via i-CON soldering station with interface
  • non-contact preheating of assemblies during lead-free hand soldering
  • preheating of SMT components
  • active heating area 125 x 125 mm
  • reflowing of single sided PCBs (prototypes)
  • hardening, curing and drying of pastes, varnishes, pastes and glues 
  • heating plate is adjustable to six power levels
  • clearly visible status signal on the heating plate
  • requires i-CON control station with interface
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm200 x 260 x 53,5
Weight in g2,5
Antistatic Design (y/n)y
Power Rating in W800 (limited)
Nominal voltage in V AC230
Test symbolCE
Michal Duda Sales Manager
(soldering equipment, devices)
+420 724 018 761

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