The award winning Gensonic Stencil Cleaning system is the definitive stencil cleaning system.

Using a 40kHz on-contact ultrasonic transducer for high efficiency cleaning of stencil apertures, It can be used either in conjunction with our Stencil Cleaning Centre’s or portable enough to be taken directly to the printer.

Screen printed solder pastes tend to compact and trap particles into aperture corners and Lead Free solder pastes, that are less dense, tend to demonstrate this tendency even more.

To clean effectively requires both cleaning chemistry and mechanical agitation. Direct Ultrasonic Contact cleaning is the ultimate way to clean SMT stencils. Employing a 40kHz ultrasonic generator, the single transducer head cleans with great efficiency even in tougher applications such as partially set glues.

  • Safe and simple to use
  • A typical 3 minute cleaning cycle
  • No risk of stencil damage
  • Suitable for stainless steel and plastic stencils
  • No risk of stencil damage
  • Cleans solder paste or SMD Adhesives
  • Accepts both foils or framed stencils
dimensions (L×W×H)300mm×210mm×90mm

Stencil cleaning centre     
SCC24for 584 x 584mm stencils
SCC29for 740 x 740mm stencils
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