Stencil printer and 3D-SPI in one system with latest measurement technology

The ULTRA³ model uses the latest measurement technology of the 3D LIST camera. The shape of the smallest solder paste depots plays a major role for the printed volume and ultimately for the shape of the solder joint. Is the paste deposit the same height over the entire surface or does it slope towards the edges? This question is answered by the ULTRA³, which combines a stencil printer and 3D SPI at the same time.
  • 3D-SPI for inspection of complex boards directly after printing process
  • Detect defects through stencil inspection before they occur
  • Zero point measurements of unprinted PCB any time before printing 
  • Integrated closed-loop function for print offset
  • End-to-end software platform for printing and inspection
  • Maintenance and servicing for one machine, one contact for both processes
  • Less space required in production line
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Michal Duda Sales Manager
(soldering equipment, devices)
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