RO400 FC

We introduce - The Lizard - Versatile reflow ovens for medium volume soldering (leadfree or leaded solder). 400 mm process width. Integrated microprocessor for profile control and storage. Extra high air volume for perfect soldering of complex boards.

Soldering of complex SMD boards and new package technologies requires a well-controlled soldering process. The RO400FC uses full convection only to heat PCBs homogeniously. The convection technology uses vertical laminar flow, which offers an efficient heat transfer with the lowest delta T values. This technology makes the RO400FC suitable for lead free solders as well.
  • 4-5 zone reflow, up to 400 mm process width
  • Mesh belt or chain conveyor
combined process
  • Soldering or curing - Full convection heating
  • for even temperature distribution
lead-free process
  • For solder pastes with or without lead
  • Lead-free processing
controlled process
  • Extra high air volume for perfect soldering
  • Integrated microprocessor for profile control
flexible process
  • High air volume for low thermal stress
  • Built-in overheat security switches
secure process
  • Closed loop controlled conveyor drive system
  • Integrated microprocessor control with LCD
Robert Gajdůšek Sales manager
(AOI,Testing, selective laser soldering)
+420 724 512 929

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