Personal equipment

Eurostat offers a complete range of clothingfor staff inside and outside an ESD protetected
area: Labcoats, T-shirts, trousers, polos,fleece, coveralls, gloves, shoes, etc...

As an important factor when it comes to electrostatic discharge generation, all personal must wear suitable ESD clothing that reduces risk of generating electrostatic discharge. Dissipative lab coats are mandatory; they must not be covered in any insulative element (veil, badge, safety jacket, long hair etc.) and must cover the sleeves of the operator.

In order to avoid Particle contamination and generation of electrostatic dischargesEurostat offer gloves finger cots and Bouffan caps for EPA zone staff.

To avoid electrostatic discharges on components, operators must be grounded. Eurostat provides ESD safe shoes (safety or non-safety), toe caps, overshoes, heel grounders and a whole range of grounding components.
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