PTP®-Measuring System

Optimally designed for the soldering processes reflow convection, wave and selective soldering.

The PTP® electronics VP are designed as a real-time Bluetooth connection between the transmitter
module TX and receiver module RX, and has an optimum design for the vapour phase/vacuum process. Exclusive use of standard interfaces makes maximum flexibility and minimum thermal load on the process possible thanks to very low mass of the measuring electronics. The integrated battery charge display and monitoring of the electronics internal temperature are the basis for maximum safety and interruption-free operation.
  • For Reflow, Wave and Select
  • Transmitter TX, Receiver RX
  • Measuring range -50 to +1350 °C
  • 2,4 GHz real-time-data
  • 20 dbm Bluetooth® onboard
  • 8 channels + internal temperature
  • Display battery capacity 0-100%
  • 0,1|0,2|0,5|1,0|2,0 s interval
  • 10|20|50|100|200 min time
  • 2 MC with 24 Bit ADC onboard
  • Automatic offset compensation
  • Advanced CJ-Compensation
  • Charging over PC USB cable
  • WHQL certified USB Driver
  • Standard COM Ports 3 to 255
  • More than 4 houres non-stop use
  • 90% Accu power in approx. 1 h
  • li-Ionen-Accu, no memory effect
  • EN ISO 584 miniature connectors
  • IP67 industry protection
  • 2,5 dbi RX high gain antenna
  • RX 3-time LED status display
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