Fast, accurate reporting for specialist tasks.

Available in three task-specific base versions, ViFox EVO can build from an intuitive image capture and measurement application to a powerful tool set that’s finely tuned for your particular environment. You don’t have to spend money of features that you don’t need. Just choose the starting pack which suits you best and add specialist modules to create an application that’s finely tuned to your specific environment.

See everything
ViFox EVO uses a process called ‘focus stacking’ to overcome the challenges presented by depth of focus. It works by building layers of images which are then combined to display the entire subject in sharp focus – something which would otherwise be impossible, especially at higher magnifications. ViFox EVO can also stitch images side-by-side at all magnifications, for greater detail in the final image.

Automate your reports
ViFox EVO saves time and effort by automatically populating the fields of multi-page documents, inserting images, measurement details, a cover page and page numbering for coherent reports with a professional look.

Special features with EVO Cam II
Paired with EVO Cam II, ViFox EVO adds the ability to save and recall zoom, focus, illumination and calibration settings, making it quick and easy to switch between subjects for fast workflows and ease of use. Remote controls add convenience and safety in hazardous environments. An extra wide field of view makes it easy to work with large objects and you can measure at up to 300x magnification.

ViFox EVO works with EVO Cam II, Mantis Elite Cam HD, Lynx EVO SmartCam, Lynx EVO SmartCam5, SX Cam, and DRV-Z1 (requires adapter).
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