StarCore 234-E

Solder wire for repair and standard applications

StarCore®234-E has a specifically shaped flux core to reduce internal pressure and core temperature. As a result, StarCore®234-E has less loss of activation during soldering and reduces flux spattering. Flux 234-E is a modern, mildly activated formulation (ROL0) for all common applications.

The specially developed activator system of the 234-E guarantees a low corrosion risk with very low residues after the soldering process. The solder wire is characterized by its strong and fast soldering performance even on critical surfaces. According to IPC, it is a no-clean cored solder wire free of detectable halides. The residues after the soldering process can remain on the board and do not have to be cleaned. The 234-E cored solder wire is available in the StarCore® lead-free alloys SN100C®and SAC305.
Wire diameter [mm]: 0.3 - 3.5
Flux content [% w/w]: 2.2
Flux clasification IPC-J-STD-004-A: 2004 ROL0    
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StarCore 234-E