Full-tunnel wave soldering system for highest flexibility and highest throughput.

The POWERFLOW S is the latest innovation in the range of Ersa wave soldering products. This full-tunnel wave soldering system meets current and future flexibility and throughput requirements and is ready for Industry 4.0 production.

Innovation and unique feature is the solder module with two completely independent solder pots. The user-friendly solder unit allows the process to be tailored optimally to the requirements of the user through different combinations of the solder nozzles. Plus in terms of quality: covers over the solder bath prevent soiling during mixed operation with different solder alloys. Minimization of set-up times and pot-changing is a further advantage. This saves costs and increases flexibility in the production of differentiated product ranges on your manufacturing line.

Ersa has numerous innovative solutions to offer in the field of fluxing. Special attention has been paid to system safety, but also to economy, in other words to flux consumption and processing speed. Spraying areas are defined product-specifically via the graphical user interface of the modern operating software ERASOFT 5, thus enabling flux consumption to be significantly reduced.

One highlight of the POWERFLOW S is the preheating zone up to 3.5 m long, which permits high throughput. The modular preheating can be configured individually, allowing optimum adaption to production requirements. There is a selection of various convection heaters as well as medium and short-wave infrared emitters available. The advantages of convection modules come into play where large, high-mass components need to be heated on the assembly side or where temperature-sensitive components that must not be overheated are used. The short-wave units respond dynamically and are absolutely ideal for mixed production.
  • Spray fluxer with intelligent programming of spray patterns
  • Modular preheating concept with convection and emitter heaters; variable configuration
  • Up to 7 preheating modules possible (length of heating zone 3,500 mm)
  • Motor-driven height adjustment of the solder nozzles
  • 2 completely independent solder modules
  • Sequential soldering
  • Automatic production possible with code mode
  • Operating software ERSASOFT 5 using a database
  • Ready for Industry 4.0
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