Compact full tunnel wave soldering system for cost-optimized wave soldering in a nitrogen atmosphere with award-winning ERSASOFT 5.

With the Ersa nitrogen-atmosphere wave soldering system POWERFLOW PRO, Ersa presents a basic system for demanding, cost-optimized wave soldering processes. The system focuses on proven machine concepts and offer future oriented and innovative solutions, which provides to its user an optimized process.

The easily accessible fluxer area offers excellent maintainability. With the upper and lower preheaters, the well-insulated tunnel ensures that the boards are completely heated through, even with high-mass assemblies. The coated solder module offers, on account of the availability of different wave formers, for each application the best solder quality and a high degree of repeatability. Nitrogen control with the rest-oxygen monitor maintains the O2 level in the nitrogen atmosphere level at the desired level.

  • Compact full tunnel wave soldering system for cost-optimized wave soldering in a nitrogen atmosphere with near-time ROI
  • Targeted and economical flux application through freely defined spray field
  • External flux unit with separate suction unit separate from the process tunnel
  • Modular preheating configuration for flexible and reproducible heat input
  • Ideal solder nozzle combination for all application requirements
  • Robust, durable, loadable and automatically lubricated chain transport system
  • Insulated, gas-tight stainless steel process tunnel increases energy efficiency
  • Intelligent nitrogen control guarantees optimized N2 consumption and cost efficiency
  • Award-winning, modern user interface: ERSASOFT 5 with individual trace interface for transparent production processes
  • Universal integration into existing peripheral systems
Dimensions (l×w×h)4450×1400×1600
  • Finger transport
  • Working width up to 330 / 400 / 458 mm
  • Spray monitoring on the fluxer
  • Extendable, maintenance-friendly fluxing unit
  • Quick-change spray head
  • Convection heater
  • Nitrogen control with analyzer
  • Touchscreen
  • Various scanner systems
  • Traceability
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(soldering equipment, devices)
+420 724 018 761

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