electronicaly controlled soldering and desoldering station, 80 W

The DIGITAL 2000 A suits all SMT und PTH soldering applications in production, repair and R&D. The connectable tools allow flexible usage depending on the soldering task.

The field of application reaches from the smallest SMD chips (0201) to standard SMD components including high pin count components (PLCC 84) and high mass solder joints in PTH technolgy including desoldering with solder removal.

A thousand times proven - the universal & robust Ersa soldering station
  • The Ersa allrounder: flexible in use 80 W soldering and desoldering station
  • Clearly visible, three digit temperature display
  • Standby function
  • Precise temperature control of all attachable tools
  • Four settable programs
  • Five different tools connectable: MICRO TOOL (20 W), CHIP TOOL (2x 20 W), TECH TOOL (60 W), POWER TOOL (80 W), X-TOOL (120 W)
  • Automatic tool recognition
  • Password protection
  • Antistatic design
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm124 x 152 x 92
Weight in kg2,0
Antistatic Design (y/n)y
Power Rating in W80
Nominal voltage in V AC230
Secondary voltage in V24
Temperature range in °C50-450
Digital display (y/n)y
Test symbolCE, VDE
Michal Duda Sales Manager
(soldering equipment, devices)
+420 724 018 761

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