VERSAFLOW 4 XL is designed for PCB sizes of up to 610 x 1,200 mm. This selective soldering system provides a revolutionary new dimension of flexibility and application variety – at highest soldering quality, of course!

Printed circuit board formats of up to 610 x 1,200 mm can be soldered efficiently and safely with the VERSAFLOW 4 XL making it a perfect system for large, highly integrated assemblies or LED applications. Featuring the completely new VERSAFLUX flux module and VERSAFLEX solder module, the VESRAFLOW 4 XL is extremely flexible and manages most diverse solder jobs. Depending on the application and on the throughput requirements called for, additional preheat and solder modules can be integrated into the system. In the maximum configuration level of the VERSAFLOW 4 XL, the system can operate 3 VERSAFLEX modules and 4 preheat modules. As an option it is possible to integrate a preheat module in front of the flux module.

The VERSAFLOW 4 XL offers an interesting option for smaller assemblies up to a max. length of 330 mm. Thanks to an additional stopper in each module, two PCBs can be processed separately but simultaneously. This option doubles system throughput and does away with dual track conveyor systems. The complex machine movements are controlled using the intuitive operator software ERSASOFT 5. The modern and future-oriented CAD Assistant 4 is integrated in this software, which means complex programming of the solder parameters is a thing of the past.

  • High-end selective soldering system to integrate into in-line manufacturing concepts
  • Max. PCB size 680 x 610 mm (option 1,200 x 610 mm)
  • Product change without downtime
  • VERSACAM for solder wave height measurement on the fly
  • VERSAFLEX solder module x/y/z-variable
  • Parallel process through separation of fluxing, preheating and soldering cycle
  • Use of up to 4 flux spray heads with two independent axes (2 spray heads per axis)
  • Flexible system configuration on account of modularity of the design
  • Ideal for linking to manual workstations or peripheral equipment
  • Secure process control with monitoring of all relevant processes
  • CAD Assistant 4 for offline programming
  • Link for traceability systems for process control
  • State-of-the-art user interface: ERSASOFT 5
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