Perfectly documented solder joint quality especially for the inspection of THT-solder joints.

The VERSAEYE module is optimized for the inspection of THT solder joints and is, as a separate module, attached to the soldering system, directly after the last soldering module. It can be equipped with up to nine cameras - one bottom and 8 side cameras. The VERSAEYE can move in x-, y- and z- direction to enable an all around inspection of the solder joints in an 45° angle.

It can detect different wetting prob-lems, solder bridges solder balls or missed out pins. The analysis of the solder joints is performed on basis of an algorithm with adjustable toler-ances. Thus the VERSAEYE enables the optimal documentation of your solder joint quality on the basis of your individual quality requirements.

  • System optimized for wave and selective soldering systems
  • Compatible with work piece carriers
  • Modular inspection possible: bottom, top or bottom & top
  • Available with up to 9 cameras per module
  • I/O interface
  • Classification of inspection results at all times
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