Selective Soldering System in-line and off-line: uncompromising throughput - flexible layout.

Predestined for production in manufacturing islands

With the Ersa ECOCELL, the worldwide technology leader in selective soldering systems expands his product range with a system that fully responds to the demands of modern production methods. The ECOCELL works according to the Toyota principle, and conveys the PCBs in the counterclockwise direction. This U-shaped arrangement makes the system ideal for use as part of a production island, but it can also be operated as a "side-line".

Simultaneously processing up to 4 PCBs
The notions of high throughput and high flexibility, mentioned together in one sentence, are not contradictory to each other. With 2 integrated preheaters, up to 4 printed circuits boards can be processed simultaneously. Dual pot systems open up the possibility to efficiently solder multiple up panels. And equally, when using mini-wave and multi-wave systems, different solder alloys can be handled. 

This function, together with the possibility to service one multi-wave bath while the other one is in operation, reduces the tool change time during a product change to a minimum. The well proven spray fluxing unit is also installed in the ECOCELL. With the integrated flux spray control, flux deposition, whether in single points or in tracks, is performed on a high quality level. The short wave IR emitter cassettes, mounted on the lower side of the boards, can be optionally augmented with a top-side convection preheating unit, thereby assuring a homogeneous soak of even the most complex board assemblies. A further available, optional upper convection preheater unit over the mini-wave bath assures that the boards maintain the optimal process temperature for the duration of the solder process. 

The "peel off" effect developed by Ersa for soldering at a 0° angle eliminates the risk of bridging and ensures achieving the lowest DPM rate. For the solder bath itself, only induction pumps are being deployed to pump the solder into the wave, which makes these pumps a low-maintenance and wear-part-free item. The intuitive system software allows effective programming of the system and records all production relevant data (traceability) as per ZVEI standard. The graphical interface of the CAD assistant permits quick and easy off-line programming while the system is in operation, thereby ensuring the maximum availability of the system for production.

  • High end selective soldering system to integrate into lean-manufacturing concepts (U-Shape)
  • Mini-wave soldering for high flexibility or multi-wave soldering for high volume-applications
  • Product change without loss of production time even for multi-wave processes
  • Parallel process through separation of fluxing, preheating and soldering
  • Use of up to 4 flux spray heads
  • Up to 2 lower preheaters with optional upper convection preheater
  • Ideal for linking with manual work stations and peripherals
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