This fully automated, electric-powered, convection curing oven completes a conformal coating production line and yields bubble-free and highly transparent coating films for inline mass production.

In addition, with our exclusive focused convection technique, the ECO99C also provides significant efficiencies in electrical energy savings, and greatly reduces floor space requirements on the shop floor. With our user and environmentally friendly solution, using standard magazines and PCB handlers, the ECO99C, is quickly becoming the curing oven of choice amongst the world’s leading electronics manufacturers.

This TTnS Exclusive curing oven is a magazine based system for maximum production throughput and reduced floor space. The first magazine of coated boards is stacked and then repeats the cycle as programmed. The system can easily cure all solvent based materials such as acrylics, urethanes, silicones, and rubber resins. Using a focused convection heating technique, utilizing precise SCR temperature control, and a wide-screen advanced touch program interface, the ECO99C delivers a bubble-free solution, with a minimum of 50% energy and working space savings in a fully automated, inline circuit board coating process which meets all US and EU safety standards.

Primary Power Supply220(VAC) x 3phase x 50/60(Hz) x 32(Ampere) peak
Primary Compressed Airmin. 60(psi) at Ø6 hose, DCA
Fume Vent Stack Ø125 at one place ※3(CMM)x10mmWC @80℃
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