TTnS patented bubble-free & energy saving conformal coating systems are total conformal coating solutions for electronic components and circuitry for printed circuit board manufacturing. This is primarily in the Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Telecommunication, Medical, and Appliance manufacturing industries.

TCM45A Coating WorkCell, The fully automated programmable coating system is backed by ECM_WIN7: The TTnS exclusive coating program. It integrates a five (5) axis precision robot using advanced TTnS coating applicators to provide consistent application, substantially reduce masking, and minimize rework.

You can expect a 40-60% reduction in material used when compared to conventional spraying or dipping processes.
Virtually all conformal coating materials are supported on the TCM45A(+): Acrylics, rubber, urethane, silicone, and water based coatings.

  TCM45A TCM45A+
PCBA Size min 60 × 60 mm 60 × 60 mm
PCBA Size max 360 (460) × 350 mm 450 (560) × 400 mm
PCBA Thickness min 0,8 mm 0,8 mm
PCBA Thickness​ max 4 mm 4 mm
  • Easy Maintenance, Ample Workspace & Robust Platform
  • Five-axis (X-Y-Z, Rotate, Tilt by 30°), Cartesian Robot System
  • VOC Ventilation Management System
  • Material Handling System
  • Fluid Delivery System, Non-circulation type with Coating Applicators
  •  TTnS Unique, Pulse-Action Spraying Technology available as standard
  •  Dual Dispensing Heads run in Auto-Switching mode as needed
  • Coating Quality Control
  •  Auto-Diagnosis Electrical Control System with Safety Interlocks
  • Easy Coating Manager (TTnS Exclusive Coating Program ECM v2.0.0_WIN7)
  • Image Zoom In/Out assists Coating Machine Programming / Offline Programming also Available
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