Versaprint 2

Only stencil printer in the market with integrated 100% 2D or 3D inspection.

All VERSAPRINT 2 systems are based on the proven VERSAPRINT machine concept. Modern drive technology with encoders enhance control and verification of positioning processes on all process relevant axes. Similar to his predecessor, the VERSAPRINT 2 employs modern camera technologies for fast set-up and integrated 100% inspection of the print area. The new software design together with touch monitor and compact monitor arm provides for an efficient and space-saving operation of the printer.

Due to the open construction and the new cover design, the printer is easily accessible; which renders daily operation more efficient, maintenance is speeded up and the retrofit of options is much easier. The fact that options can be retrofitted contributes to a high cost efficiency: for the purchase the system is configured for the current requirements and can be retrofitted later to meet the increased demands of the future.
Substrate dimensions (X x Y) min. 50 x 50 mm
  max. 680 x 500 mm (insp. area 550 x 500 mm)
Optional stencil cleaner 680 x 500 mm
Substrate thickness 0,5-6 mm
Component clearance up to 35 mm
Stencil dimensions min. 450 x 450 mm
  max. 737 x 737 mm
  for Elite plus, Pro2 and Ultra3 width change without tools
Print head Two independent squeegee heads with continuous squeegee force control, down stop and adjustable swivelling limits
Squeegee force 0-230 N
Camera Elite: 2 area scan cameras for alignment and inspection of substrate and stencil
  Pro2: 2D-LIST camera for alignment and inspection of substrate and stencil
  Ultra3: 3D-LIST camera for alignment and inspection of substrate and stencil
Repeatability +/-12,5 µm @ 6 Sigma
Print accuracy +/-25 µm @ 6 Sigma
Cycle time 10 s + print
Set-up time under 10 min.
Product changeover under 2 min.
Graphical user interface Touch monitor

VERSAPRINT 2  Elite  Elite plus  Pro2  Ultra3
PCB inspection: paste on pad, bridge detection and print offset  2D Ο 2D Ο 2D-LIST Δ 3D-LIST Δ
Stencil inspection: blockage and smearing 2D Ο 2D Ο 2D-LIST Δ 3D-LIST Δ
Adjustable stencil support  Ο  Δ  Δ  Δ
Automatic stencil Y-stop  Ο  Ο  Δ  Δ
Dispenser for automated print media adding on stencil surface  Ο  Ο  Ο  Ο
PCB dispenser for glue or solder paste dots at the substrate  X  Ο  Ο  Ο
Paste height control (paste amount on the stencil)  Ο  Ο  Ο  Ο
Retractable over top clamping  Ο  Ο  Ο  Ο
Temperature control  Ο  Ο  Ο  Ο
Data Matrix Code recognition  Ο  Ο  Ο  Ο
Set-up verification  Ο  Ο  Ο  Ο
Tooling systems: VarioGrid, Grid-Lok und Quik-tool  Ο  Ο  Ο  Ο
680 mm stencil cleaner  Ο  Ο  Ο  Ο
Closed-loop interface printer-SPI  Ο  Ο  Ο  Ο

Not available
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Versaprint 2