Affordable highly accurate, robust and precise stencil printer.

  • Prototyping, laboratory, new product development
  • Printing solder paste
  • Printing SMD glue
  • Printing thermoconductive paste
  • Screenprinting of inks
  • Thick film printing, printed electronics screenprint
  • Print on ceramics, foils, metals
UniPRINT SMD printers come with several versions of tables to match different requirements for PCBA clamping
  • Flat table - Simple flat table for basic single side prints
  • Vacuum table - Enhanced flat table equipped with grid of vacuum holes for single side prints
  • Grooved table - Enhanced flat table equipped with grid of vacuum holes and grooves with pins
  • Magnetic table - Flat table made from magnetic metal plate equipped with grid of screws
  • Compact size and small footprint
  • Quick PCB changes
  • Smart and rigid design
  • Fast product changeover
  • X, Y, Theta playless table adjustment
  • Robust synchronized table separation motion
  • Balanced upper frame opening
  • Various types of stencil clampings with mechanical fixation
  • Optional guided dual squeegee system
  • Complete set of magnetic PCB fixturing
  • Adjustable print table height
  • Object space up to component height 23,5 mm
  • Independent adjustable printing pressure
  • Adjustable board from stencil separation speed
  • Table top or stand mounted
  model UniPrint S model Uniprint P
Frame capacity max 415x500x33 mm max 608x608x33 mm
Print area max 290x265mm max 390x355 mm
Size PCB max 320x300 mm max 410x405 mm

Options and accessories
UniPRINT SMD printers are designed as building sets containing many features. Even the most affordable model can be finally equipped for fine pitch prints.Full range of accessories enables to create the best combinations for any task.
  • table separation set
  • guided squeegee
  • range of squeeges
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