JUKI’s new G-TITAN is equipped with premium quality functions empowering the JUKI Screen-Printing Solution on its path to Industry 4.0 and “Lights-Out-Manufacturing”. 

Ease of use is provided due to a brand new GUI – Graphical User Interface – which is operated via touch screen. G-TITAN supports circuit boards of sizes up to 510 × 510 mm and therefore addresses its demands towards the mid-size segment. Innovative novelties such as the Opti Paste Control – OPC – as well as the Quality Print Control – QPC – represent useful individual functions to achieve optimised paste consumption, higher level of automisation and avoidance of printing errors during the screen-printing process.

Automatic Solder Paste Bead Dispenser
A predefined paste quantity is automatically applied along the squeegee while maintaining 15 mm of reel diameter. Thus, solving the issue of overflowing paste.

Stencil Vent Inspection System
Using the indicator field mounted above as well as the CCD camera underneath, the system inspects the stencil vents and eliminates defects from the beginning. The system warrants premium printing quality for each PCB model.
PCB Size (L × W)min. 50 × 50 mm / max. 510 × 510 mm
PCB Thicknessmin. 0.4 mm / max. 6 mm
PCB Margin3 mm
PCB Weightmax. 5 kg

Frame Size (L × D)min. 470 × 370 mm / max. 737 × 737 mm

Number of squeegee heads2
Squeegee Contact Pressure0.5 – 10 kg
Print Speed10 – 200 mm per second

Machine Properties and Dimensions
Print Accuracy± 18 µm
Cycle Time (without printing and cleaning)< 8.5 seconds
Dimensions (L × W × H)1,240 mm × 1,560 mm × 1,490 mm
Weight1,200 kg
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