Semi-automatic programmable highly precise and flexible off line stencil printer. Suitable for SMT production with automatic camera guided alignment

Solder paste printing is one of the most important processes in SMT. Fa23 Printers bring on highly precise print. Designed for accurate and repeatable printing. For any electronic application while maintaining low investment costs.

  • Small to middle series production
  • Printing solder paste
  • Printing SMD glue
  • Printing thermoconductive paste
  • Print on ceramics, foils, metals
Two models of Fa23 Printers available to cover complete range of applications. Each model comes as stand-alone with package of selected features. Basic set of adjustable production tooling included.
  • Manual stencil to pad alignment monitored by software
  • Fully automatic stencil to pad alignment
  • Compact size and small footprint
  • Quick PCB changes due to convenient drawer
  • Fast product changeover
  • Manual or automatic camera guided stencil to pad alignment
  • Digital filtration of unwanted reflections or shapes on the pads chosen for alignment
  • X, Y, Theta playless table adjustment
  • Quick stencil clamping with pneumatic fixation
  • Three-position squeegee height control for quick stencil changes
  • Complete set of magnetic PCB fixturing
  • Support bars adjustable to PCBA thickness
  • Object space up to component height 63,5 mm
  • Programmable printing pressure control
  • Programmable board from stencil separation speed
  • Adjustable separation distance
  • Adjustable upper position of the table
  • Very smooth pneu-hydraulic synchronized table separation motion
  • Programmable print speed and adjustable squeegee range
  • Integrated underside cleaning system
Stencil frame sizemax 584x680x40 mm
Stencil frame sizemin 584x584x18 mm
Print areamax 410x390 mm
PCB sizemax 460x410 mm
PCB sizemin 50x60 mm
Machine footprint860x846 mm
Michal Šaffer Sales Manager
+420 724 026 675

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