Juki KE-3010 represents leading-edge technology leading to highest flexibility and production quality

It allows usage of both electronic as well as mechanical tape feeders and is able to handle boards with up to 1210 × 560 mm. With its multi-nozzle (six nozzles) laser head, KE-3010 can reach up to 23,500 cph (optimum) and is capable of handling a component placement range from 01005 up to 33 × 33 mm. 

Feeder compatibility
Jukis KE-3010 allows both mechanical as well as electronic feeders and feeder trolleys respectively. It grants companies who are using previous generations of mechanical feeders, for instance, the possibility of making the most of their investment.
  • Placement head: multi-nozzle laser head (6 nozzles)    
  • Placement rate: up to 23,500 cph laser centering (optimum)
  • Component range: from 01005 up to 33 x 33 mm
  • Component height: up to 12 mm 
  • Placement accuracy: ±50 μm (Cpk ≥ 1) laser centering; ±40 μm vision centering with MNVC
  • Board dimension: up to 1210 × 560 mm
  • Feeder spaces:up to 160 (electronic 8 mm double tape feeders)
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