ISM Material Incoming Station

Through the Material Incoming Station operators will speed up material registration activities, avoid mistakes, and increase the traceability of each individual Unique ID. 

With its Auto-Incoming features, it is possible to automatically import information from the supplier and/or customer’s label into the ERP, and print a new Unique ID. In fact, after setting the rules for each supplier’s label, the operator can simply position the material on the Station and the high-resolution camera will read all the needed codes and information, take a picture for traceability purposes and print the new label.

Moreover, through the included “Reels Pictures Traceability” feature all pictures will be stored in the database and can be recalled for any future visualization and quality check. While this tool brings traceability to a higher level of quality standard, it can also provide evidence of damaged or mislabelled material coming from the suppliers.The table, with its robust folded metal structure, is studied to guarantee an adequate load support, along with the demanding standards of an electronic production environment, with the top ESD shelf, made of static dissipative laminate, with 10M Ohm resistivity and a protective black PVC contour.

The Material Incoming Station should be connected to an existing installation where the ISM SMT or THT Server software is operating.

The connection with other systems (ERP, MES, Pick and Place, etc) is possible thanks to the API interface that allows any software to communicate and receive information from the Material Incoming Station. Automatic file sharing with other software is also possible.

The camera and software are able to recognize, parse and store any 1D/2D code on the top of the reels. The software is set with standard rules* used by most components suppliers to label their products (available field: Part number, Unique ID, Case format, Quantity, Bin, Date code, MSL, Manufacture PN, Lot number, Expiring date, Supplier, Order ref., Notes field, custom field).
Any out-of-standard label can be easily read by setting customized rules as long as the codes contain a recognizable indicator (for example: Q2000, “Q” standing for quantity).

Weight101 Kg
Power consumptio100-240V - Imax: 5A - Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Operating SystemWin7 and later versions
Václav Fiurášek Sales Manager
(inspection, measurement)
+420 602 579 951

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