ISM 500

Wide variety of storage. IMS 500 can store coils, microprocessors trays, SMT and PTH sticks, frames, stencil plates and many other materials.

Wide selection of positions. Up to 640 different positions for 7/13/15 inch reels.

Zero picking errors.Three LED light signals indicate the exact location of the components to be extracted. A PDA reader indicates the component code, to avoid errors in the picking phase.

Dynamic storage, no waste. The components do not have a fixed and determined position, but can be loaded at any free space available. In this way there is a dynamic management of positions and the store always reaches its maximum capacity, without waste of space. 

High security lock.On demand it is possible to apply electronic locks that allow access to components to authorized persons only.
Humidity control module plug and play.

Like all ISM models, ISM 500 can also be equipped with the humidity control module. The storage environment is always under control and the moisture level is constantly below 5%.

Accurate calculation of the "Floor Life"

Thanks to the ISM software, the expiration of each component is calculated and plotted with absolute precision. The software prevents use of components whose period of exposure to moisture values ​​higher than 5% has expired. In this way, the expired components can be extracted quickly from the store and brought to the oven for the "baking".

DimensionsW=1.75m; D=0.8m
Weight350-850 (depending on configuration)
Moisture controlUp to 8 units
Other accessoriesmobile PDA

ISM 500
Positions for 7" reels, microprocessors trays, sticks, etc. Positions for 7"/13"/15" reels, microprocessors trays, sticks etc. Positions for sticks etc.
Standard 80 positions (34mm x 80 cm. E.g.: 720 reels 7" 8mm.) 160 positions (34mm x 80 cm. E.g.: 960 reels 15" 8mm)  
10 shelves 400 positions (34mm x 80 cm. E.g.: 3,600 reels 7" 8mm)    
16 shelves     640 posizioni (34mm x 80 cm. E.g.: 60,000 sticks)
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