Maestro 6

Separating pre-scored PCBs up to 1200 mm in length with a minimum of stress on the components.

With the MAESTRO 6 we have consequently further developed our proven PCB separators.

Even very lengthy PCBs are separated fast, economical and stress-free. The power unit of the carriage is right behind the linear blade. This crucially simplifies the separation and removal of the PCBs.

  • PCB materials FR4, CEM3 and aluminum
  • Circular blades to be adjusted one by one
  • Separation length to be adjusted continuously
  • The height of the support table is ergonomically adjustable
  • For preventive maintenance of the blades the cutting performance is indicated
  • A conveyor belt can be provided to automatically store the separated PCBs
Technical data 6/600 6/900 6/1200 6/1500
Separation length up to 600 mm 900 mm 1200 mm 1500 mm
Weight 40 kg 45 kg 50 kg 55 kg
Width 1150 mm 1450 mm 1750 mm 2050 mm

Type of separation-component sideLinear blade
Type of separation-solder side3 circular blades to be adjusted one by one
Separation speedup to 500 mm/s
MaterialFR4, CEM3, aluminum
Height of component-component sideup to 16 mm
Height of component-solder sideup to 16 mm
Depth of support table200 mm
Height × Depth350 × 450 mm
Vít Matuš Sales Manager
(SMT production support machines)
+420 601 309 047

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Maestro 6