Handling & Automation

Modular system, perfectly adapted to production processes - a class of its own!

During development of the new Kurtz Ersa handling systems, great care was taken to cater to customer requirements. This resulted in solutions which offer optimum printed circuit board handling for the production process. There are various modules available, from which the handling system can be configured at will.

Always the right combination for automation requirements and budget
The range includes lifting and lowering stations as well as height difference modules, turning stations and workstations. There are conveyor belts for up to 8,000 mm in length available to connect the individual modules. On basis of the highly flexible Kurtz Ersa modular system an almost infinite number of combination options is possible. Depending on customer wishes, the handling system can be completely tailor-made.

Robot solutions
Tailor-made robot solutions can be integrated on request – whether collaborative or stand-alone solution, with concern of the respective task the perfect solution for production processes will be developped.

Tailor-made workstation solutions, from rapid workstation for PCB assembly to inline quality check and process discharge, matching the respective process requirements.

individually configured transport zone, enabling it to be tailored precisely to the requirements at the production location – no maximum limit; optional return transport zone is always possible, making the compact realisation of bidirectional printed circuit board transport feasible.

Lifting station
Vertical upward component transport, lifts the printed circuit board from the lower transport zone to machine infeed height.

Lowering station
Vertical downward component transport, lowers the printed circuit board from the machine outfeed height to the lower transport zone.

Turning station
Takes account of space restrictions in your production line; there is no longer anything stopping the process flow being redirected: Separate, turn, forward the product – simply pointing the way forward!
Integrated cooling
If required, an additional cooling after soldering process can be integrated in the return conveyor to balance temperatures.

Removal station
… e.g. for separating out non-spec parts during the ongoing production process; individual height compensation between transport and lift units can be integrated if required (for reasons of workstation ergonomics).
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