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The floor of an EPA zone must be dissipative, and is required to ground the operator. He must be equipped with a strap/cord and proper shoes. An ESD floor requires special cleaning, to avoid any risks of insulating its ESD properties. For example, you must avoid any cleaning product containing waxes or silicones.

Vinyl floor mats
  • Made out of vinyl material with dissipative top layer
  •  Excellent grounding properties
  • Easy to clean and excellent durability
Interlocking floor tiles -Q- block
  • Particularly suitable when it is requested to often change the EPA layout and for high traffic areas.
  • Can be loose laid on every kind of floor.

Anti-fatigue floor tile

  • Provide reliable, long-term protection from static discharge and worker discomfort
  • Can be supplied with one 10mm snap on each tile in the corner, on request
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