SMART:count is the first ‘Count & Print’ solution for SMT component reels. Counting and marking the components of an open reel allows inventory management with maximum accuracy.

The enormous advantage of printing on the cover tape lies within the lack of necessity for more than one counting per reel. Never re-count another reel. SMART:count is a reliable, fast, easy to operate machine with high performance.

SMART:Count is designed to code reels of SMD components to enable stores personnel to quickly and accurately gauge the quantity of product remaining on a reel. The machine is used to unwind a reel of components, then rewind it printing a component count onto the cover tape as it rewinds.

The system utilizes a thermal inkjet printer to print directly on to the cover tape using a fast drying durable ink. The printer requires no maintenance or cleaning and uses cartridges similar to an office printer for quick, clean and efficient usage.
  • Increase stock count accuracy with the elimination of manual counts.​
  • Reduce material handling and machine changeover times.
  • Eliminate disruptions in daily production line operation.
Reel Style127mm bore
Maximum Reel Diameter330mm
Product Pitch2,4,8,12,16,24,32 and 36mm 
Tape drive hole pitch4mm
Minimum tape width8mm
Maximum tape width56mm
Unwind speedApprox 600mm/s
Printing speedApprox 450mm/s
Electrical Supply100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Vít Matuš Sales Manager
(SMT production support machines)
+420 601 309 047

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