County Evo

The COUNTY EVO Component Counter is a microcomputer based instrument which counts axial and radial components on tape. 

The county is available in two versions, one with a rechargeable battery, with barcode reader input, output for Printer & PC; Clock, and memory for 500 counting records and the other one without battery.

The COUNTY Component Counter comes ready to count axial & radial components.  To count radial components, just remove the adjustable guide and turn it so the flat side will be in front of the optical head.  This flat side will guide the body of the radial components.  Before counting, it is necessary to select the number of leads per component by setting the divider with the up and down arrows.  Can enter up to 10 leads for component. 

The SMD adaptor  is a County component counter optional accessory to count SMD parts. 
The maximum tape height is 56mm and the number of holes for component is min. 0.5 - max. 19. Mounting the adaptor does not require any tools and it is locked in place by snap action to the same shafts that hold the axial & radial guide. Component counting is achieved by counting the punched holes on the SMD tapes. The SMD supports are sold individually and a handle is available 
Maximum counting value999999 counts
Minimum lead diameter0.4 mm
Axial component bandolier width55 - 110 mm
Radial component bandolier widthmax 18 mm
Maximum component diameter14 mm
Display4 digits 13 mm height
Dimensions240 × 130 × 110 mm
Vít Matuš Sales Manager
(SMT production support machines)
+420 601 309 047

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