Univerzální poloautomatický kontaktovací systém - ball + wedge bonder.

The iBond5000 Series integrates the proven 4500 manual wire bonder mechanical design with an advanced graphical user interface. The iBond5000 Series includes 3 basic models: Wedge, Ball and Dual. 

The iBond5000-Dual is an advanced ball/wedge bonder used for process development, production, research or added manufacturing support. The iBond5000 provides the high yield and excellent repeatability needed for every wedge bonding application including: Optoelectronic Modules, Hybrids/MCMs, Microwave Products, Discrete Devices/Lasers, Chip-on-Boards, Leads, Sensors, High Power Devices and much more.
  • 7” TFT Touch Screen Management
  • Cortex A9 Dual-Core CPU-based hardware system
  • Windows CE-based management software
  • USB connectivity - External Mouse, Keyboard, Disk on Key
  • Load/Store wire bonding profiles, Disk on Key backup
  • 800MB Capacity
  • MPP Bonding profiles internal library
  • On-Line Manual
  • Analog Pots Kit Optional
  • Internal Tools database
  • Semi-automatic/manual mode with Z option
  • Wedge-wedge and ball-wedge bonding on the same machine
  • Fast changeover by operator with no tools
  • Bonding mode changed by automatic switch
  • Patented plunger moving arm
  • Special proprietary transducer for proper bond tool mounting
  • Ball bonding capillary mounts with split clamp
  • Wedge bonding tool mounts with set screw
  • 90-degree deep access wedge bonding with 12.5 mm ‘Z’ axis travel
  • Ball bonding with 12.5 mm ‘Z’ axis travel
  • Special proprietary swing arm EFO/Drag Arm assembly
  • High-end Negative EFO with missing ball detection
  • Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Ultrasonic Generator
  • High-Q 60kHz Ultrasonic Transducer, optional 120KHz
  • 2 Channel Independent Bonding Parameters
  • Semi-Auto and Manual Z Bonding Modes
  • Built-in Digital Work Stage Temperature
  • Variety of wires: Gold, Copper (Wedge, Ball) Aluminum, Ribbon (Au or Al) for Wedge. 
  • Bonding Types: Tab, Stitch, Ribbon, Bumping, Ball bonding, Coining, Security bonds
  • Advanced Wedge Automatic wire Re-Feed
  • Chessman/Mouse & Manual Z convertible right or Left
  • RoHS Compliant
Daniel Striček Head of Sales Department (P&P equipment, production lines, TTC solutions)
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