Compact SL

This configuration offers a completely automated solution via an integrated, SMEMA-compatible conveyor system,  allowing completely automatic board handling and easy integration into high volume production lines. 

Configurable as ICT, pre-functional, functional and combinational. The compact footprint and the compliance with WCM criteria, enable easy and successful integration both in-line and/or within an automated test  island. Cost reduction and high throughput guaranteed.

Compact SL is particularly suitable for:
  • parametric and in-circuit tests
  • functional tests
  • On-board programming
  • In-line integration
  • High-volume production
  • Automated test islands
  • Operator-free use
  • Handling costs reduction
  • Up to 1536 analog channels
  • Up to 128 hybrid channels (digital channel up to 10 MHz)
  • Up to 6 user power supply units
  • 2-JOB paralllel test with standard cabinet
  • 4-JOB parallel test with double cabinet
  • OPENFIX for open pin identification on digital components and connectors
  • Universal on-board programmer (up to 8 in parallel)
  • Boundary-scan test
  • Self-test at the module level
  • Receiver with pneumatic press and upper contrasts
  • Off-line Programming and Repair Stations
  • barcode and 2D code reading management; automatic statistic data collection
  • Automated programming via CAD data import
Robert Gajdůšek Sales manager
(AOI,Testing, selective laser soldering)
+420 724 512 929

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