The Power System is a test platform conceived to verify and certify the operation of power modules.
The complete structure, combining two Multi standard cabinets, is sized to contain all of the resources required for testing: drive/sense modules, power modules and load simulators.

In this tester, in addition to strictly perform the requested measurement as per technical specifications, the issues of consumptions and dissipations were taken into account, integrating an Energy Recovery circuit which enables reuse of output energy to supply the system.
Compact Power is suitable for:

  • parametric and functional tests of power boards
  • Equipment EOL test (inverter, power supply units…)
  • Implement a reconfigurable test benc
  • Test with load simulation
  • Test with energy recovery
  • Product certification
  • Complete AC group for safety switch circuit management
  • Single-phase or three-phase frequency converter (10KVA – 30KVA)
  • Customized load simulator
  • inverter to recover over 80% of energy used
  • bus and analog matrix (S64N, S64A, S64F)
  • bus and power matrix (HRELE module)
  • up to 12 DC power supplies (APx, ALx)
  • proprietary instruments integrated on ACL module
  • off-the-shelf instruments integration
  • communication protocols management (Serial, USB, CAN, LIN, K-line, GPIB, …)
  • Functional test sequence with NI (Labview/Teststand) Operating System
  • ict and/or functional test sequence with VIVA Operating System by SEICA
  • Self-test at the module level
  • Receiver with or without press and upper contrasts
  • ODU connector interface
  • Barcode and 2D code reading management
  • Automated statistic data collection.
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(AOI,Testing, selective laser soldering)
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