Compact MULTI

This configuration is recommended for pre-functional, functional and combinational testing. The versatility and scalability of the Compact MULTI test system is perfectly suited for the integration of external instrumentation, capabilities and techniques in a single test program.

It is particularly suitable for implementation of functional test benches for equipments and electronic boards. The reduced footprint and the compliance with WCM criteria, enable the use of multiple cabinets aside, thus granting the opportunity to implement very complex test benches for the different sectors of electronics.

Compact Multi is particularly suitable for:

  • board functional test
  • Equipment EOL test
  • On-board programming
  • ict/fun combinational test
  • automated final test
  • implementation of automated test sequence
  • Analog bus and matrix (S64N, S64A, S64F)
  • Power bus and matrix (HRELE module)
  • Digital bus and hybrid channel boards (P32)
  • Up to 12 DC power supplies (APx, ALx)
  • Proprietary instruments integrated on ACL module
  • Off-the-shelf instruments integration
  • Universal on-board programmer (up to 8 in parallel)
  • Commication protocols management (Serial, USB, CAN, LIN, K-line, GPIB, …)
  • Functional test sequence with NI (Labview/Teststand) Operating System
  • ict and/or functional test sequence with VIVA Operating System by SEICA
  • Self-test at the module level
  • Receiver with or without upper contrasts
  • ODU connector interface
  • Barcode and 2D code reading management
  • Automatic statistic data collection
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