Compact CUBE

The need for small size, flexibility and integration in most manufacturing environments is developing a new idea of automated test systems or ATE. For this reason, SEICA has created the new Compact CUBE NEXT>SERIES: it is the smallest of the Compactfamily, but with great potential in the different operational environments.

The Compact CUBEtest system uses the VIP platform (ACL-VIVA), whose main feature is the possibility to deliver the best integration of technology and easiness of use. It is possible to combine the following test solutions: ICT (In Circuit Test), Functional test, On-board programming and Boundary-Scan test.

This is possible thanks to the cutting-edge measurement system (based on ACL proprietary module) and to the VIVANEXT>management software. The ACL module contains the internal instruments providing the drive and sense capabilities. These are optimized to provide increased accuracy and the possibility to program drivers. The communication to the Main PC via optical fiber cable minimizes sensitiveness to external disturbances.

The user can benefit from an intuitive graphical software interface designed for compiling and running functional tests: Quick Test.
The digital part of a Compact CUBE tester can be configured to meet different requirements, and to achieve the best performance. There are four different configurations:
  • analog channel connection: if the three available slots are occupied by 3 S64 boards, it is possible to manage 192 analog channels.
  • direct digital channel connection of the F50 board: the system resources available are fully digital if the three available slots are occupied by three F50.
  • hybrid channels by combining F50 and S64 boards: this solution will make available on test points all of the digital and analog resources of the Compact CUBE tester.

The Compact CUBEbest fits your efficiency needs in small and customizable space.
  • In under 68 cm in height, Seica has integrated 12 rack units. Seven of them are used by the system; this means that there are 5 rack units, which are divided in 3+2 rack units,that can be used for other instruments.
  • The Compact CUBE has been designed to provide an immediate and easy in-line automates integration, thank also to the four pivoting wheels to move it smoothly.
  • The instruments contained in the Compact CUBE are easily removable thanks to the front and rear access to the system: this option
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