The Flying Probe Tester Pilot V8 Next> series represents the latest frontier in flying probe test technology; it is the complete solution for those who want maximum performance: the highest test speed, low to medium volume, test coverage and flexibility, for prototyping, manufacturing, or repairing any type of board. Its vertical architecture is the optimum solution for probing both sides of the UUT simultaneously.

Flying Probe Tester Pilot V8 Next> series is suitable for:

  • Vectorless and in-circuit tests
  • Programming and functional tests
  • Boundary Scan test
  • Medium/high volumes with automatic loader
  • Highly-integrated prototypes
  • High-mixed products
  • Boards not designed for testing
  • Reverse Engineering and Repair
  • 8-flying probe tester unit (4 on each side)
  • Vertical architecture to reduce d.u.t. warpage and vibrations.
  • Both top and bottom sides are equipped with power probe, capacitive probe and camera
  • Manual or automatic d.u.t. loading (optional loader/unloader)
  • In-circuit tests, on-board programming, boundary-scan
  • Quick-test test for functional test sequence implementation
  • Fixed channels available (connected manually or via connector)
  • Off-line programming and repair stations
  • Barcode reading capability and 2D; automated collection of statisctical data
  • Automated programming with CAD data import
  • Repair tool: PWMON (net analysis of powered board), thermal scan (temperature monitoring), DES (software to assess the error probability
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