ImageDoc v3 Inspection SW

Professional Inspection Software with database function, including Reference-Picture- and Problem-Solution-Database. Inspect - Categorize - Analyze - Document.

  • Live- and still image window for check and documentation
  • "Snapshot"-function for rapid documentation
  • Video recording function
  • Extendable Reference Picture Database with good/bad examples
  • Extendable Problem/Solution Database
  • Inspection data files using SQL server technology
  • Extensive measuring function
  • Image processing and marking
  • Report function
  • FocusFusion function for assembling images of several focal settings
  • BestFocus function makes it easy finding the perfect focus setting
  • Direct access to Ersa Inspections Cameras for best image quality
  • Can be operated in Basic Mode with limited functionality or in EXP Mode with full functionality (requires additional EXP license)
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Michal Duda Sales Manager
(soldering equipment, devices)
+420 724 018 761

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