High end inspection system for BGA, µBGA, CSP, Flip Chip and other hidden solder joints

Extreme flexibility due to seven movement axes for the inspection of BGA, µBGA, CSP, Flip Chip, CGA and throughput for THT connections. Enables the evaluation of heel filling for QFP, SOIC and other components with gull wing connections, wetting length and inner wetting for PLCC and other components with J connections.

The most various viewing angles through tilting, rotating, inclining - even in case of large rebuilding by neighbouring components! The wide angle view enables the inspection of VIA walls, sockets etc. without tilting the optics (through the shift method)! Consistently create sharp images from several individual images with various focus settings using the ImageDoc v3 EXP FocusFusion function (option)!
  • High end endoscope inspection system 
    including three quick change heads:
    - 90° BGA head (approx. 280 µm clearance)
    - 90° Flip Chip head (approx. 30 µm clearance)
    - 0° wide angle head, e.g. for VIA inspection without tilting of optics
  • 7 movement axes for flexible adjustment to
    practically every required viewing angle
  • High-performance, dimmable LED lighting in daylight colour
  • High quality 1.3 megapixel CCD colour camera with USB connection
  • XY rotary table with fine adjust wheels, freely positionable under the optics
  • Optimal light management:
    - inspection heads with fibre optic stereo front light
    - mechanically coupled, swivelling and rotating backlight
    - fibre optic gooseneck for targeted lighting from all sides
    - separate setting of light quantity for all light guides
    - with light brushes, light extension and iris aperture
  • Focusing scale to be used with calibration groups in the 
    ImageDoc EXP measuring function
  • Complete set with the most important accessories and storage case
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