The Mek SpectorBOX modular AOI platform is optimized for the inspection of Wave & Selective soldering of through hole & surface mount components. It is designed to inspect Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) inside solder frames, directly from the conveyor system.

SpectorBOX is the only modular AOI in the market that can be equipped with 9 cameras: 1 top and 8 side cameras. Depending on the requirements, it can be equipped with an adjustable 30mm-Z-axis optical head with Autofocus function to focus and position optimally for varying PCB distances or warpage.

The ultra slim design only requires a minimal height of 280mm (11”) between the feet of the module and the inspection focus point.

With its general purpose I/O, it can be simply interfaced with existing or new conveyor systems. For those who don’t want to compromise on inspection, two SpectorBOX modular AOI systems can be combined for simultaneous Bottom-Up and Top-Down inspection with up to 18 cameras.

Operator failures are minimized by a defect display of 9-angle simultaneous microscopic views of each defect found. Each defect is displayed with a magnification up to 50x (bottom-up) or 7x (top-down).  This removes the need for operators to manually handle the PCB and significantly reduces post-classification of defects using microscopes.

Because all images can be stored in the Mek’s Catch SQL database, review or post classification can be done at any time after the actual inspection. For full tracking and tracing using your own MES system, the Mek Catch System interfaces via its open SQL database or XML outputs.

The SpectorBOX modular AOI can be integrated into your production line by your local supplier or inserted in an existing production line using a solution developed by one of our partners.

The modular concept allows the following inspection positions in Wave or Selective soldering lines:
  • Feed Conveyor: Top-Down to inspect for correct insertion of components into the PCB
  • Feed Conveyor: Bottom-Up to inspect pin insertions pre-soldering or solder joints post soldering
  • Return Conveyor: Bottom-Up to inspect solder joints on the return conveyor
A combination of any two of the above is possible.
  • Optimized for THT Components- and Post Wave and Selective Soldering Inspections
  • Bottom-up and/or Top-down Inspection
  • Solder Frame Compatible
  • Ultra Slim Design Inspects Down To 280mm Above Factory Floor
  • Modular Inspection Possibilities: Bottom, Top or Top + Bottom
  • Main Frame Compatibility
  • Up to 18 Cameras
  • Designed to Inspect PCB's Inside Solder Frames Directly From The Conveyer
  • Possibility to Combine Two SpectorBOX Systems For Simultaneous Top+Bottom AOI
  • Choose between 1 or 9 camera's per inspection side (up to 18 cameras in Top+Bottom configuration)
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