PowerSpector GTAz

Mek desktop AOI machines offer benchtop PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage. Maximum PCB Size 650 × 550 mm or 800 × 550 mm.

With similar capabilities to Mek inline equipment, improved quality and increased throughput can be achieved within a small footprint.

Desktop AOI machines can be conveniently positioned anywhere in your factory to transform inspection accuracy and operator control. Placing minimal demands on factory floor real estate, these leading-edge Automatic Optical Inspection machines are ideal for a broad range of inspection and test requirements. As well as inspecting for reflow manufacturing defects, pre and post reflow, they are often used in labs or other offline locations for testing samples without holding up the production line.

The Mek PowerSpector desktop AOI is designed for customers for whom production quality is priority. It reliably inspects SMT and THT component bodies for component presence/absence, type, polarity, offset, text, colours etc. and components solder fillets for excessive, insufficient or no solder, shorts, lifted leads etc.

Combined with Catch yield enhancement software, Mek Desktop PowerSpector AOI is a completely closed loop, powerful process monitoring and quality control tool.
  • PowerSpector GTAz 650: Maximum PCB Size 650 × 550mm
  • PowerSpector GTAz 800: Maximum PCB Size 800 × 550mm
Camera movementX + Y Direction
PCB movementStationary
PCB fixationManual Drawer Options: Motorized Drawer, Transvers
Parts inspectionPresence, Polarity, Offset, Correctness, Soldering, Height
Printing/paste inspectionOffset, Smearing, Bridges, Uniformity
Image ProcessingSynthetic Imaging, Spectral Analysis, Greyscale limits
Image ParametersBrightness, Hue, Saturation via Filters
Václav Fiurášek Sales Manager
(inspection, measurement)
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