phoenix v|tome|x m

High-end tool for 3D industrial and scientific CT analysis tasks​

The phoenix v|tome|x m is a versatile X-ray microfocus CT system for 3D metrology and analysis with up to 300 kV / 500 W. Beyond down to < 1 µm detail detectability, the system offers industry leading magnification and power at 300 kV. Next generation dynamic 41 digital detector array for 2-3x faster CT scans or doubled CT resolution, the click & measure|CT automatization functionality as well as its optional collaborative robot make its production edition an efficient 3D inspection tool.

The v|tome|x m is the first industrial mircoCT scanner with breakthrough scatter|correct technology. This technological advancement automatically removes scatter artifacts from CT volume, allowing users to gain significant improved CT results compared to conventional cone beam microCT. Addtionally, it can be equipped with GE'sproprietary high-flux|target for up to 2 times faster microCT scans or doubled resolution.​
  • First compact 300 kV microfocus CT system with < 1 µm detail detectability
  • Industry-leading magnification and power at 300 kV for high absorbing samples
  • First industrial CT scanner coming standard with GEs 16" 200 µm pixelsize dynamic 41|200 detector for 2-3x increased scan throughput, optional with GEs dynamic 41|100 detector for doubled resolution at same scanning time compared with state of the art 200 µm DXR detectors.
  • Unique dual|tube configuration for high power µCT as well as high resolution nanoCT®
  • Optional offset|scan und helix|scan capability for maximized scan flexibility
  • The v|tome|x m is the only microCT system worldwide available with the breakthrough scatter|correct technology innovation. This technological advancement automatically removes scatter artifacts from the CT volume, allowing users to gain significant improved CT results compared to conventional cone beam microCT. 
  • The new GE high-flux|target makes CT scanning more efficient due to up to 2 times faster microCT scans or doubled resolution.
  • Optimized ease of use due to advanced phoenix datos|x CT software with automated click & measure|CT option
  • Optimized CT acquisition conditions and 3D metrology package with temperature stabilized X-ray tube, digital detector array and cabinet as well as high accuracy direct measuring system
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