The Trilence flux system has been specifically designed for demanding soldering tasks in automated soldering processes.

The Trilence solder wires are available in different activation levels, depending always on the metallic surfaces which need to be soldered. From halide ZERO as REL0 classification to a mild or stronger halide activated version REL1 or M1. All of them are based on a highly developed colophony-free synthetic resin matrix.

The Stannol Trilence solder wire is suitable for both manual and machine soldering of electrical and electronic components. The flux residues do not need to be removed.
The optimised resin matrix and innovative activator combination of the Trilence solder wire offers a range of advantages compared to conventional solder wires:
  • Minimum spitting
  • Good wetting properties
  • Transparent residues
Trilence solder wires can be used as conventional solder wires. Thanks to its low tendency of spitting, transparent residues and high thermal capacity, the Trilence wire produces very clean solder joints. As there is nearly no spitting, your soldering machine requires less servicing and you will have less shutdown periods.
general properties 3500 3505 2708 2712
Flux type RELO REL1 REL1 REL1
Flux content 3,5 % 3,5 % 2,7% +/- 0,3% 2,7%
Halide content 0,0% 0,5% 0,8% 1,2%
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