LF3135 NC

BALVER ZINN SOLDER WIRE LF3135 NC is a new development for lead-free soldering applications, when activators containing halide are allowed.

BALVER ZINN SOLDER WIRE LF3135 NC allows optimal soldering results with low flux contents. The standard flux content is 2.2 %. BALVER ZINN SOLDER WIRE LF3135 NC is a no-clean formulation, despite its content of halides and can be used for difficult soldering applications without cleaning.

Typical applications for LF3135 NC include manual soldering, automatic soldering and rework. LF3135 NC is offered in diameters from 0.3 mm to 3.5 mm and is available in lead-free alloys SN100C, SN96C and SN97C. Lead-containing wires or special alloys are available on request. SN96C and SN97C are in accordance to J-STD-006B! For additional information please refer to the product data sheet.
  • REM1
  • For automated bit soldering
  • For handsolder / rework
  • Contains halides
  • No clean despite halides
  • Shiny solder joint with SN100C®
  • Middle activation
  • Halides < 0.5%
  • Excellent solder-supporting effect
  • Low spattering
  • Clear and dry residues
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