Stannol Kristall solder wires have been specially formulated to complement No Clean wave and reflow soldering processes.

They are also applicable to repair operations carried out after a cleaning process, eliminating the need for further cleaning. Stannol Kristall solder wires provide fast soldering on copper and brass surfaces as well as solder coated materials.

Activity of the halide activated versions on nickel is also good depending on the state of oxidation of the nickel finish. The good thermal stability of Stannol Kristall fluxes means they are also well suited to soldering applications requiring high melting temperature alloys.

The resin and flux systems are designed to leave relatively low residues and to minimise residual activity. This is achieved by ensuring some decomposition and volatilisation takes place during the soldering process. In some situation.

  • Stannol Kristall 400 is designed for users who require a halide free formulation.
  • Stannol Kristall 502, 505 and 511 contain different halide levels with maximised soldering power
  • Stannol Kristall 400, 502, 505 and 511 cored wires are manufactured with a range of flux contents.
Although users will normally be using products with a nominal flux content of 3%, the superior performance of the Kristall products may allow a lower flux content to be specified e.g. 2.2%. This will further improve residue appearance by reducing the quantity. All are available in alloys conforming to national and international standards, including lead free alloys. Some alloys and flux contents may be manufactured to special order. Stannol Kristall solid fluxes are based on modified rosins and carefully selected activators. In use they exhibit a mild rosin odour and leave a small quantity of clear residue.
  • halide free version (Kristall 400)
  • fast soldering (wide range of activities to suit all applications)
  • good spread (on copper, brass and nickel)
  • clear residues
  • heat stable (low spitting)
  • mild odour
general properties Kristall 400 Kristall 502 Kristal 505 Kristal 511
Flux Type: IEC 61190-1-3 DIN EN 29454-1 REL0 1.2.3. REM1 1.2.2 REM1 1.2.2 REM1 1.2.2
Flux content 2,2% ± 0,3% 3,0% ± 0,3% 2,7% / 3,0% ± 0,3% 2,7% / 3,0% ± 0,3%
Halide content: none 0,2 % 0,5 % 1,1 %
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